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Duck: Laufenten

Genetic Resource:
Type of genetic:
Risk category:
Not endangered

Colour (status)

  • weiß (original)
  • schwarz (original)
  • braun (original)
  • rehfarbig weissgescheckt (original)
  • wildfarbig (miscellaneous)
  • forellenfarbig (miscellaneous)
  • blau (miscellaneous)
  • erbsgelb (miscellaneous)
  • silber-wildfarbig (miscellaneous)
  • blau-gelb (miscellaneous)


Year Number of female breeding animals Number of male breeding animals Number of breeders
2008 2125 1064 -
2000 1864 822 -
2016 2146 1060 665
2009 2511 1230 -
2005 2931 1364 -
2013 2481 1190 -

Cryo reserves

no Information


no Information


Egg shell colour:
white,white / green
Weight of female animals in kg:
bis 2 kg
Weight of male animals in kg:
bis 2 kg
Yearly laying performance in number of eggs:
bis 100 Eier
Egg weight in g:
bis 70 g