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Horse: Lehmkuhlener Pony

Genetic Resource:
Lehmkuhlener Pony
Type of genetic:
Risk category:
Phenotypic conservation population

Breeding book of origin

Recognized breeding operation


Year Number of living female breeding animals Number of living male breeding animals
1997 3 4
1998 9 4
1999 8 5
2000 5 8
2018 13 4
2019 15 3
2020 16 6
2021 15 6

Cryo reserves

no Information



Origin and distribution:
North Germany
Riding and driving pony, child´s pony, thearpy horse, competition horse, leisure riding
Withers height mares in m:
125 - 135 cm., max. 148 cm
Withers height stallions in m:
125 - 135 cm., max. 148 cm
black, bay,chestnut