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Animal breeding legislation

Equine competitions

Equine competitions

Coordinating Authority according to Decision 92 / 216 / EEC

Federal Office for Agriculture and Food
Unit 331
Deichmanns Aue 29
D-53179 Bonn
Phone: +49 (0)228 6845 - 3370

Number and discipline of equine competitions

Number of competitions falling under the derogation according to Article 4(2) first indent of Council Directive 90/428/EEC

Equestrian discipline Number of equine competitions Date of the last update
Trotting races Year 2021, ca. 130 races 27.01.2021
Galloping races Year 2021, 0 races 27.01.2021
Ridding horse (dressage, show jumping etc.) Year 2021, 277 Examinations in the framework of 139 events



Criteria for the distribution of funds of equine competitions

Criteria laid down for the distribution of funds for the safeguard, development and, improvement of breeding (Artiel 4 (2) second indent of Directive 90/428/EEC)

Equestrian discipline Criteria for the distribution of funds Version
Trotting races Year 2020, Number of reserved prize money: 10 percent breeder's premium, prize distribution of the 5 first placed horses per race: (50/ 25/ 12,5/ 7,5/ 5). Breeders crown races: 15 percent breeder's premium, prize distribution of the 5 first-placed horses per race: (50/ 20/ 15/ 10/ 5) year 2019, Ratio of the event according to No. 2: 8.1 percent 27.01.2021
Galloping races Year 2020, Percentage of reserved price money: 18,86 per cent, Criteria: Breeders premium flat races 30 per cent for 2yo and 3yo, 20 per cent for 4yo and 5yo, 10 per cent for 6yo and upwards, Breeders premium hurdle races and steeple chases, 18 per cent for all ages 27.01.2021
Ridding horse (dressage, show jumping etc.) Year 2020, For the protection, promotion and improvement of horse breeding in Germany, 3 percent or 1 percent for German horses was withheld in 2020 from the income or profits generated under Article 4, Paragraph 1(c), (excluding events under Article 4, Paragraph 2,1st indent, letters a to c). Of this share of the income or profits, 3 percent or 1 percent, respectively, shall be paid to the breeders for the year 2020 in accordance with the distribution system of the breeder's premium. 27.01.2021